Thursday 27 February 2014

Shocking news

I've been in my current job for six months and yesterday I did something that I've never done before...

I wore grey trousers.

AND they are pinstriped!

Ok, so that might not sound like a bombshell piece of news, but it is a sign of change. Up until now I have basically worn the same clothes to work every. single. day. My "work uniform" is black trousers, black boots, a top (nothing of any excitement) and a cardigan or jumper. It's easy and dull, and until recently it hadn't bothered me.

I started reading a couple of fashion blogs, after stumbling across them almost accidentally. In particular I was inspired by this post from Outfit Posts. If this lady can make 30 different work-appropriate outfits out of the contents of a suitcase then I really should make a bit more of an effort.

Step One: I bought some new work boots, much less clumpy than my old ones. Almost elegant.

Step Two: a shopping spree! I've pushed myself to buy items that I usually avoid including a skirt and a couple of large necklaces. I'm still looking for a work-appropriate dress or two.

Step Three: starting yesterday I am making an effort to wear something new or different to work once or twice a week. The next one on my list is some large (statement) earrings :)

Step Four: actually planning whole outfits! (This one seems pretty scary right now...)

I've never put this much effort into everyday clothes. Should be an interesting experiment.

Sunday 23 February 2014

Ladies who brunch

I'm in the midst of a social whirlwind which isn't my normal way of doing things. It has been totally lovely to have time with friends and family :) And I've indulged  a bit  a lot too!

There was a yummy yummy brunch at my favourite cafe:

Fancy manicures:

Afternoon tea:

A long walk in the countryside with a borrowed dog:


All sorts of fun. It'll be back to work very, very soon and all this will be a pleasant dream!

Monday 17 February 2014

I made something!

I've had several days that involved a lot of sitting around and waiting. My solution: crochet! I got completely carried away and ended up with a buff and matching mitten/wrist-warmer-things. All my own design too :)

It's the first project in ages that I've actually finished. Partly due to having lots of spare time and partly because it was so quick and easy.

Now I've started with a shrug for ballet classes, based on this simple design on Crochet Spot.

Have you made anything recently?