Tuesday 27 September 2011

Urban Adventuring

Whilst hanging out in London at the weekend, we started spotting Rat Race team members jogging around the capital with maps and a slightly excited but confused look on their faces. And, predictably given my personality, I started thinking, "Yeah, I could do that..."


Sunday 25 September 2011

Must-try list

I've spent a bit of time updating the info pages for this blog (which hopefully you can find by links above).

I've also add a loves and must-tries list - a bit like a bucket list of things I want to try. Please comment and add suggestions for new activites (or places I should visit). I plan to keep busy! :)

Tuesday 20 September 2011

My karate history

Long, long ago, when I was a fresh-faced 18 year old, I headed off to university. Throughout my years at secondary school I had studied ballet and thoroughly enjoyed the balance of learning and body control that it developed. Arriving at uni, I discovered that there really wasn't an option for ballet and started looking for something else.

For a short while I joined the sailing club but, whilst I enjoy sailing and still go occasionally, the university club was not for me - I didn't really click with the other people and drifted away pretty quickly.

Saturday 17 September 2011

Fireworks update - video!

Here is the official video from the Hatfield House display from last weekend. It's a short, edited version of what was originally a 26 minute show to a live orchestra performance. Enjoy!

Friday 16 September 2011

Epic fireworks

What a weekend!
As you may well have read about previously, one of my weekend past times is working on firework shows (you can find the post here). And although the "season" hasn't started yet, we had a massive show to work on last Saturday. In fact, it was billed as the largest firework show in the UK so far this year, barring New Year's celebrations.

Wednesday 14 September 2011

Surfin' the waves

About 5 months ago, I received an exciting invitation - a girls' surfing weekend in Devon. It was completely unexpected as the invitation came from a new friend (more of a friend-of-a-friend). All I could think of was, "I'm not going to miss this opportunity!"

We travelled to the delightful (if slightly busy with tourists) village of Croyde and stayed in a very cool surf lodge called Baggy Lodge (you can find out about the accomodation here - highly recommended).

photo from the Baggy Lodge website

Sunday 11 September 2011

Still to come...

It's been a busy ol' summer and I'm failing miserably to write about it all! Here's some of what's to come in the next few posts:
  • girls surfing in Devon
  • horse riding in Tenerife
  • Notting Hill Carnival
  • my return to karate
 And I'm not relaxing yet - my plans for the next couple of months involve:
  • more karate (I'm back for good)
  • a spot of dancing
  • a busy fireworks season
  • maybe another attempt at motorcycling, this time off road!
Exciting times.

Thursday 8 September 2011

Fishing in the Atlantic Ocean

Before heading off for Tenerife, we decided it might be fun to try some fishing. I've watched the odd episode of Robson Green's Extreme Fishing and, all in all, it looks like it could be some fun. Plus, I've both been whale watching before and wanted to do something involving the sea - especially with the gorgeous blue waves of the Canary Islands!

Initially, I was pretty worried that there wouldn't be anything fishing-like available. All the leaflets, posters and touts were obsessed with whale watching and parascending. After a bit of hunting around Costa Adeje, I eventually came across a helpful bloke who could organise something appropriate - fishing was a-go. Hurrah!

Tuesday 6 September 2011

Sun, sea and thousands of tourists

Up until now, most of our holidays have involved exploring towns and cities, usually in France and Spain. My basic requirements are to get half a day on the beach somewhere along the way and try plenty of local food.

This summer, we tried something a bit unusual for us: 6 days in the tourist trap that is Tenerife, the largest of Las Islas Canarias. Guaranteed warm, sunny weather and beautiful ocean were the main selling points, along with the vague knowledge that there was plenty of exploring to be had.

photo by krycisphotos

Monday 5 September 2011

A bit of a change

You may have noticed that I've been a bit quiet of late. It's been a really busy summer and, for the time being, wedding plans are on the "back burner".

In the meantime, I've been playing with blogging about my general day-to-day life. Not the work stuff, but everything else I get up to: cooking, gardening, exciting trips, new sports, that kind of thing. I've decided to import it here to keep everything in one place. I hope you continue to enjoy reading it!

RainStorm. xx

PS - Please bear with me whilst I update this blog with some of the posts I've written over the last month. "Normal" service will resume soon!