loves and must-tries

Things I love to do:
  • swimming
  • roller skating
  • kites and kiteboarding
  • sailing
  • fireworks
  • gardening (although I've never really mastered it - I don't have the patience!)
  • ballet - I have completely rediscovered my enjoyment of dancing and have recently been known to take up to four classes in a week!
  • cooking and baking
  • surfing (my newest love - read about my trip to Devon here)
  • walking in the countryside (Derbyshire, the Lake District, Breacon Beacons, etc)
  • flying (big planes/small planes/whatever)
  • karate (I revisited an old passion, read about it here, but have now moved away from my club)
  • travelling to new countries (my places to visit list is here)
  • eating! (especially different foods from different places around the world) 
  • skiing - have had several lessons at the Snow Centre and pop by for practise every now and again. Next stop is a proper skiing holiday...

Things I've never done before but would love to try:
  • make sushi
  • spending an evening at the opera
  • learn a style of dancing with a partner (like salsa or some-type of ballroom)
  • take part in an open water swimming event -
  • or maybe even try an aquathlon
  • a rat race (as if I'd ever be fit enough!)
  • horse-riding trek across a mountain range like the Pyrenees
  • speak another language well enough to get by (or, ideally, fluently)
  • crochet or knit something proper
New additions to the list:
  • get involved in some type of team sport - any ideas as to what?!
  • spend an evening star gazing
  • holiday by myself
I revisit this list periodically - all suggestions gratefully recieved!

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