Thursday 31 January 2013

Slowing down

Yup, I've been a bit quiet.

Life got busy.

In a not-easy-to-plan-more-than-24hrs-ahead kind of way.

In a balancing-work-and-life kind of way.

Everything is being re-evaluated - what had been relatively small parts of my day are now important and to be savoured: tea and cake in a cafe, making it to a ballet class, reading a book.

So my little blog is a bit quieter than usual...

happy cupcake

happy cheese board

happy feet :)
PS - I did finish the puzzle, but am missing a piece!!! So annoying - will post a picture if we find the piece...

Tuesday 29 January 2013

Yummy yummy

Greek food. On a work night.

- halloumi (grilled, salty, rubbery cheese - what is there not to like?!)
- prawns
- squid
- pork belly
- lamb meatballs
- flat breads
- feta and roasted pepper dip
- pastry parcels of spinach and cheese

Basically, lots of cheese!


Monday 7 January 2013

Zebra stripe blindness

That puzzle that I started...

Still not finished, but getting there :)

Wednesday 2 January 2013

Starting a new year

Well 2013 has started: I've painted my nails (again!) - purple this time - and have been to my first ballet class.

Seeing as I've had about a month off dancing, I decided to start gently by attending a beginners class. It was a good plan. We started with some gentle warm up exercises and then went through a slow and relatively simple barre routine. This is great because it gives me time to focus on the basics of my technique rather than panicking about trying to remember a complicated exercise (which happens a lot in the Saturday classes that I attend sporadically!).

It was a packed class (lots of new year resolutions I expect), but the teacher still made sure everyone got corrections. I discovered that since taking the same class in the summer, my arm positioning has improved dramatically :) However, I have a tendency to sink slightly onto my supporting leg - that'll be my new focus!

I've also returned to salad; only as a side dish though! It at least helps make sure that I'm consuming some fresh vegetables.

So 2013: a year of better grooming, ballet classes and salads?! We'll see...