Sunday 26 October 2014

Sad news

I have lost my fitbit :(

It somehow dislodged itself from my jeans the day after I wrote a post all about it. Am going to have to replace it.

Anyway, here's the original post...

I am loving my fitbit one!

It is small and easy to fix to clothing.

It measures my footsteps, flights of stairs and distance travelled, and calculates calories burnt. 

It can also record my sleep, although I've stopped bothering, and I log my weight every few days. 

I'm finding that having a target (especially for number of steps and flights of stairs) is a good motivator.

And it seems to cope with the rough and tumble of everyday life too - there was an incident a couple of weeks ago involving a washing machine, but it's still going strong! (The fitbit one is not designed to be waterproof, only resistant, so repeating this experiment is not recommended!)

I haven't found a single downside yet. I can always find somewhere on my outfit to attach it and it works brilliantly. Definitely worth trying :)

Last weekend - one of us had been for a morning run. It wasn't me!

Saturday 11 October 2014

Red carpet glamour

I've had the most exciting week ever!

Dress up to the nines CHECK

Stroll down the red carpet in Leicester Square, surrounded by celebrities, TV crews and journalists CHECK

Listen to speeches (including a family name check from Mr Benedict Cumberbatch himself - check out his speech here) CHECK

Watch The Imitation Game CHECK

See my mother, aunts and uncle's names in film credits CHECK

Get whisked off to the after party CHECK

Free champagne in VIP area CHECK

Meet Benedict and Kiera Knightley CHECK

Spend a marvellous evening introducing self to actors (Charles Dance, Mark Strong and Matthew Beard to name a few) and other interesting people (the film's director, producers and many film-industry types) CHECK

Be overwhelmed with how excited everyone is at bringing Alan Turing's name and genius to a wider audience CHECK

Finally make it to bed much later than you should on a weeknight, but very very happy CHECK

The Imitation Game is a new movie based on the life of my great uncle, Alan Turing (played by Benedict Cumberbatch). Wednesday night was the  European Premiere and the opening gala of the BFI London Film Festival. Huge thank you to the team at Studio Canal (the film's UK distributors) for inviting the family to attend this historic event.

The film is on general release in the UK in mid-November, and across the world around the same time. It isn't completely historically accurate, but it is a great film and well worth a watch!

Edit: This post is now featured on IMDb, which is ironic as one of the people I met was Col Needham (founder and CEO of IMDb)!

Edit 2: Photographs taken by the husband, my sister and my brother-in-law.