Sunday 29 March 2015

Staying active

I've had a fitbit for over six months now (well, actually I've had two after the first one went awol), and I am pretty much obsessed. I hate it when I accidentally leave it at home and check it several times a day.

The only times I don't wear it are sleeping (it does have a wrist attachment but I don't find it very useful), when wet (bath/shower/swimming) and during ballet classes (because there's nowhere on my ballet gear to put it!).

I love all the graphs.

I love reaching my daily goals, which are currently set at:
11,000 steps
16 flights of stairs (newly increased from 14)
30 "active minutes"

But most importantly, it has helped me become more active and healthier than I was last summer. During the day at work I am more likely to be I my feet; I choose to walk down the corridor or up and down stairs to run errands more often; and I plan my day to include small chunks of walking where possible. I really love it!

Thursday 19 March 2015

Exciting plans

As Spring thinks about making an appearance, my calendar is beginning to fill up with all sorts of nice stuff.

It started with a Spa trip with some of my girlie friends last weekend. It seems to be turning into a habit that every year in March/April I plan a relaxing spa trip.

Then at the beginning of April I've booked myself onto a three day intensive ballet course. I'm equal parts excited and scared about this one. I don't think my current average of one ballet class and one gym trip a week is really going to prepare me for this! Need to be in shape.

Also in the diary is Pteraductyls - a sailing group that I'm part of. I haven't been for at least two years so I've no idea if I even still remember how to sail. Be a great opportunity to catch up with friends too.

Also in the mix will hopefully be some skiing practise. This year's sort-of-maybe ski trip didn't happen, but it's definitely still on the list so I need to keep up the practise. Plus I was starting to really enjoy it.

Thursday 12 March 2015

Urban stroll

We fancied a bit of good old-fashioned fresh air and exercise, so headed out of London to explore.

There was definitely a bit of irony to our beautiful stroll along the Thames with an industrial backdrop. A bit different to hiking around the Lake District or Derbyshire.

Anyways, it did the job and my step count for the day was above target :) Still loving my fitbit.

Monday 9 March 2015

Three firework shows in one night

We had a demo night for clients last week. About a million crew turned up to help (slight exaggeration, but still loads) so it was almost like a firers reunion.

Rather than rigging, I was on Meet and Greet duty. It meant that I spent most of the evening in the warm, and that I got to fully watch and enjoy the shows!

The first was a Halloween-theme. It featured some of our other effects including lasers, smoke machine and flame pots:

Picture from the side, the audience were in front of the large building on the left.

The second was a quiet show to the ever popular "Let it go" from Frozen. It was full of single-shots, almost like a choreographed dance:

The last show was a classic, using a mix of firework types and fired to Protectors of the Earth:

Once our guests had left, I did change into my many-layered rigging gear and help with the clear up. They didn't really need me because half the world was there, but I like to get involved.

All photographs are copyrighted and are used with permission.

Tuesday 3 March 2015

Road Trip Weekend

Looking at the calendar midweek, I realised that we had absolutely nothing planned for the weekend. We needed a plan...

Midnight Friday - jump in the car, ferry from Dover, three hours driving through France and arrive at...


Sometimes I just need to get out of the house and do something different!

There was plenty of rides and lots of snacking to be done. Plus the parade, of course, where I saw all the best Disney characters!


What a great day out! :)