Thursday 31 January 2013

Slowing down

Yup, I've been a bit quiet.

Life got busy.

In a not-easy-to-plan-more-than-24hrs-ahead kind of way.

In a balancing-work-and-life kind of way.

Everything is being re-evaluated - what had been relatively small parts of my day are now important and to be savoured: tea and cake in a cafe, making it to a ballet class, reading a book.

So my little blog is a bit quieter than usual...

happy cupcake

happy cheese board

happy feet :)
PS - I did finish the puzzle, but am missing a piece!!! So annoying - will post a picture if we find the piece...

1 comment:

Elle said...

Those are hands down the cutest slipper socks I have EVER seen! Love them.. and the cupcake and the cheeseboard look good too.

Hope things are going well for you and yours...