Sunday 21 July 2013

What I did yesterday

It's Marvellous Festival time again (how do these things come around so quickly?!). So, fireworks in a field...

1) I sported a delightful black tide mark around my hairline after re-applying sun cream with blackened, firework-powder covered fingers. Didn't realise for several hours. Attractive!

2) I forwent my usual baseball cap in favour of my cowboy hat, which did a wonderful job of keeping the sun off my face.

3) We enjoyed slightly cooler weather! After over a week of official heat wave (30degC+ everyday), it cooled slightly to a more comfortable 24degC with a cloudy sky and light breeze. Much better for lifting and lugging.

4) I enjoyed a post-rig and pre-show hog roast (otherwise known as pig-in-a-bun). It was delicious, especially the cracklings and apple sauce.

5) I surrounded myself with wildlife. The deer kept their distance this year - I could see them hiding in the woods, but none ventured over like in previous years. There were a few ticks about but not so many as to cause problems. Topping the chart were the butterflies! There were loads of them. Must be the sudden hot weather.

6) Fireworks were lovely :)

Photos from Sunday - clear sky and temps back up to 28!

1 comment:

Elle said...

Awesome. Looks like a great time!

And today we have a new PRINCE! How exciting.