Tuesday 10 September 2013

Insanity apparently

Well, here's something new - my new workplace has a bit of an informal fitness club, where colleagues gather twice a week to work out together.

Usually they do circuits, but this time they are trying out Insanity! Even the name is a worry :)

How scary is the advertising?!

So yesterday evening I tried out my first insanity workout. It was a test session where you do each exercise for one minute and count the number of reps you do. The idea is that we repeat this session and improve our numbers. There was a lot of squatting type movements (hence why my thighs are sore) and some hideous press up/jumping type things which I couldn't do at all (I had to settle for on-my-knees-press-ups). Hmmm... It wasn't *too* terrible! 

The Insanity program is designed to be done six times a week. However, time constraints at work mean that they're running it just twice a week. My plan is even more gentle - one Insanity session and 1-2 ballet classes each week (plus one rowing machine session a week - the only gym machine that I don't hate!). It's something to aim for at least. Wish me luck...

My totals for comparison:


Rachelle Q said...

Sounds fun! I really want to try Insanity:)

Unknown said...

I've always wanted to try insanity but it scares me!

Clare said...

Youre doing insanity?! I know a lot of people who have and its madness!!! But v good for you!

Elle said...

Whooo! I know this is very popular right now. Good for you.