Thursday 27 February 2014

Shocking news

I've been in my current job for six months and yesterday I did something that I've never done before...

I wore grey trousers.

AND they are pinstriped!

Ok, so that might not sound like a bombshell piece of news, but it is a sign of change. Up until now I have basically worn the same clothes to work every. single. day. My "work uniform" is black trousers, black boots, a top (nothing of any excitement) and a cardigan or jumper. It's easy and dull, and until recently it hadn't bothered me.

I started reading a couple of fashion blogs, after stumbling across them almost accidentally. In particular I was inspired by this post from Outfit Posts. If this lady can make 30 different work-appropriate outfits out of the contents of a suitcase then I really should make a bit more of an effort.

Step One: I bought some new work boots, much less clumpy than my old ones. Almost elegant.

Step Two: a shopping spree! I've pushed myself to buy items that I usually avoid including a skirt and a couple of large necklaces. I'm still looking for a work-appropriate dress or two.

Step Three: starting yesterday I am making an effort to wear something new or different to work once or twice a week. The next one on my list is some large (statement) earrings :)

Step Four: actually planning whole outfits! (This one seems pretty scary right now...)

I've never put this much effort into everyday clothes. Should be an interesting experiment.


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I like the grey trousers! It's fun to try new things sometimes isn't it. :)

RainStorm said...

Thanks :) It really is, but it is super-easy to get stuck in a rut without even realising. Change is good!

Elle said...

LOVE the boots, and the grey trousers. I think it is fun to change things up and shock everyone! Good for you.

RainStorm said...

Thanks Elle! I don't think I'm shocking anyone except myself so far :) I'm not convinced my colleagues have noticed!

Unknown said...

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