Saturday 3 May 2014

Let loose on the slopes!

After three lessons featuring quite a bit of falling over and a very patient ski instructor, I've got myself signed off to ski by myself!

This lesson was so much more fun than the previous two. I took the bumps more naturally and even smiled whilst skiing (a new experience for me!). I also didn't take any tumbles although there were a few wobbly moments. 

Currently my skiing still resembles a zombie on ice. I'm much more relaxed than I was but am still too stiff; I have a tendency to look at my skis unless someone reminds me to look up; and generally I pootle down at a pace slightly faster than that of a tortoise.

Anyways, I am celebrating and made the most of an hour on the slopes without my instructor. Yay!


Elle said...

YAY! Love skiing although I haven't done it for several years. Good for you to get out there with some lessons.

RainStorm said...

Thanks :) I am sooooo not a natural skier, but seem to be getting the hang of the basics at least. It is good fun!