Wednesday 20 August 2014

Adventures in Tokyo

More customs:
- no one talks on the train, well almost no one - mothers with young children and maybe a group of teenagers, but still very quietly
- don't sit on the floor (crouching is ok if you're desperate)

Things that have made me giggle:
- random translations on menus. In general, the English on display is very good, but we have come across some great ones: squid lever, octopus fried without a coat, one pot of guts possibly selecting, shoestring potatoes, deep fried chicken of knee cartilage, etc...
- accidentally choosing an Italian restaurant for lunch - spaghetti and prawns eaten with chopsticks anyone?
- watching my husband negotiate eating a poached egg on top of spaghetti using chopsticks 
- the fact that the tempura restaurant will batter and deep fry everything including the sheet of seaweed

Another scary thing I did:
- stood on glass platform 350m up on the Skytree (cue picture of my feet!)

Best things we've eaten and drunk:
- sushi meal made of a million courses, including beautiful sashimi
- fresh prawn tempura
- homemade gyoza
- chicken and spring onion yakatori
- sake (particularly one named Joan)
- miso soup, served with almost every meal and often containing clams (which are great fun to deal with using chopsticks!)

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