Friday 16 September 2011

Epic fireworks

What a weekend!
As you may well have read about previously, one of my weekend past times is working on firework shows (you can find the post here). And although the "season" hasn't started yet, we had a massive show to work on last Saturday. In fact, it was billed as the largest firework show in the UK so far this year, barring New Year's celebrations.

The location for this humungous show was Hatfield House - a large stately home which is currently celebrating its 400 year anniversary. Without fireworks, it looks like this:

photo taken from the Hatfield House website

But on Saturday, it was covered in firers! There was a team behind the house setting up shells, a team on the roof, and a team in the formal gardens at the front (I was in that team :) ). There were thousands of fireworks and an impressive plan of where to place and angle them. And, of course, we had to be incredibly careful of our surroundings - it's not really on to leave holes in the grounds of such a grand setting!

I'll skip over some of the details, and get to the important part - it was a truely fantastic show (which is fitting for a company called Fantastic Fireworks!).

I was thrilled to be part of it. There was a professional video crew filming the event, but for now here's some youtube videos of it.


Cathy said...

I was thinking of you yesterday when I was thinking of my plans for bonfire night.

Laura said...

I love fireworks. They make me feel so happy.

RainStorm said...

@AlwaysWright - I would definitely recommend going to a large organised display. Enjoy! :)

@Laura - I know what you mean! I hope you enjoy the video I've just posted of the display...