Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Pretty flashes and bangs

I was lucky enough to get to stand back and watch one of the two shows I worked on last weekend. I still thoroughly enjoy watching fireworks shows, especially those that I've been involved in setting up.

Talking of which...
The crew arriving bright and early.
The shells
The shells from the other side of the lake.
Some of the other fireworks.

Between bouncing up and down with excitement, I managed to get a few pictures and a couple of video clips...

The large shells lit up the crowd - this is just a few of the many thousands of people there!

The sound quality is a bit rubbish on the video because I was stood right next to the speaker stacks! But it gives a pretty good idea of what the show was like...



Elle said...

What an interesting and fun job you have! I love fireworks - can only begin to imagine the planning and work that goes into putting a show together.

RainStorm said...

:) I don't think I could do it as my main job though - a lot of physical labour and adrenaline, but it's great as a sideline. Definitely gets me out of the house!