Monday 7 November 2011


full week at work last week - firework show Saturday - firework show Sunday - start a new full week at work
Taken sometime on Sunday. I was wearing about 8 layers of clothing at this point and the new toolbox was doing stirling work.

It's been a busy weekend, with lots of lifting and lugging, securing, wiring, etc. and I've made it through to Monday in one piece! I do have a few aches and pains and a rather large sleep deficit, but that's to be expected. I even fitted in a bit of running (if you count the 50m sprint to intercept a couple of people who were wandering towards the firing site about half an hour before the show!).

Here's a couple of pics of what I got up to. Expect more (and a couple of short videos) when I've had more sleep!
Both shots from Saturday's show at Verulamium

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Cathy said...

When I went to the local fireworks display on Saturday, I was thinking of you. Then after all that you got to teach on Monday - ooh the tiredness.