Thursday 9 February 2012

Cushions, lamps and other exciting bits

After the whole moving house process (which I think I'm still recovering from!) comes the more exciting task of shopping for new furnishings. So far, there have been two exciting trips:


Seriously - how cool are these chairs?! I want them both so badly!
I love rainbows!


Elle said...

how fun... buying new things.

get only what you LOVE!


The Jesse said...

I love going to Ikea. Those chairs are seriously cool. I'd love the zebra one in brown/white :)

RainStorm said...

The zebra chair is haunting me! I really love it but have nowhere sensible to put it!

Mrs Showers said...

I love that grey floral chair. Tesco home you say? Hummm, I wonder if we have enough club card points yet? x