Wednesday 18 April 2012

Running about and running well

The problem with being busy is that you run out of time to blog about everything you've been doing! I'm miles behind, especially as I've done two new and exciting things that I'm dying to write about...
Number One: my personal, professional running session

As you probably remember, my birthday gift from my sister was 3 sessions with a running coach. So last Friday I dressed up in my best (least tramp-like) running gear and headed off to meet him. I was pretty nervous, but Richard was very friendly and put me at ease. Having said that, it is an odd experience running whilst someone is watching you!

The outcome of our 90 min session was:
  • some brief warm-up activities for me to do before I run (dynamic stretches to prepare the muscles)
  • balance exercises to strengthen my feet/ankles to support me better
  • an entirely new way of running! - he is moving me away from heel striking, which involves a whole different set of movements and engaging different muscles (hamstrings and glutes instead of just my quads)
  • a couple of exercises to help active and strengthen my hamstrings and quads
  • advice on correct arm movement
  • some cool down stretches

It was really interesting and useful - I just have to fit in some running over the next 2-3 weeks before my next "appointment".

Coming up... my second exciting new activity!


Rachelle Q said...

So cool! I want to become a running coach so this sounds like so much fun!

Elle said...

I am so glad that you enjoyed your first session.

I gave up heel striking some time ago in favor of a midfoot strike and a shorter stride. The techniqe I follow is called Chi Running - the power in all movement coming from the CHI or centre of our bodies.

I find much less strain on my legs now.

And I am using the same principal of CHI to start my golf swing now too and am hitting the ball way further.

I love learning new body things.

Doing any yoga lately?

Cannot hardly wait to read about #2... you are a tease! :)

RainStorm said...

@hikermom - that's really cool!

@Elle - I haven't had a chance to practise the new running style since my coaching session. I don't think he'll be too impressed if I turn up to the next one without having done any running!
I was using those runner's yoga stretches after my longer runs. If I get out again then I'll definitely continue. How about you?