Sunday 24 June 2012

Slightly obsessed with ballet videos

Gosh, my poor little blog looks a bit ignored at the moment. I've been away with work and haven't had a chance to do anything interesting or to post about it! I've just about managed to keep up with my #smallpleasure tweets in my one-person campaign to appreciate life a bit more, but that's been it.

Having arrived home on Friday, I've mostly slept and tried to catch up on washing (what a glamourous life I lead!). However, between catching up on life I stumbled upon this video of a complete morning ballet class at the Royal Ballet Company. It's amazing - go see for yourself!

And then I found some more great videos:

Aren't these people amazing?! I wonder if I could ever make it onto pointe? First step would probably be more than one class a week :S Am currently trying to hunt out some classes over the summer as my dance school doesn't have lessons for about 7 weeks - I don't want to go for that long without a class!

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