Monday 10 September 2012

Ballet Tweet-Up

Saturday was great - I travelled to a studio in London to meet up with a group of fellow ballet-obsessed tweeters!

It was all organised after an off-the-cuff tweet from someone suggesting that we should get together. A few months (and a whole load of organisation from Becca_Tweet) later, there we were...

We had an absolutely amazing class from Karis at EverybodyBallet - she had obviously put some time into choreographing exercises for us and was infectiously enthusiastic. The barre exercises were especially beautiful - very "dance-y" and performed to orchestral ballet scores. I was stretched, but in a good way, and only wish I could have done them to a higher standard...

balancing at the barre
the girls a la seconde
port de bra (movement of the arms) - I'm the not-so-bendy one
working in centre

Having never commissioned a dance lesson in this way, I can thoroughly recommend it. Afterwards we all kept talking about how good it was and how we wanted to do it again.

the team

There was also a social meet-up in a nearby bar/restaurant afterwards. It was really nice to have a chance to talk to everyone, even if I struggled to keep up with the conversation - my limits of ballet knowledge left me floundering in a world of Royal Ballet, English National Ballet, the Royal Opera House, and many dancers whose names I've never heard!


Elle said...

Good to stretch the body and the mind... great to get out and meet some new like-minded/bodied folks. Good for you for taking part. Looks like fun.

Unknown said...

That looks like a class worth taking! :)

Cathy said...

Wow what a great opportunity. Glad it was fun.

Laura said...

Wow! Very good opportunity :) When I was young I wanted to be a ballerina but I had an injury and I could not work enough. Finally I decided to study another thing I loved, Journalism, and so it is my job now. But... I still take lessons in an academy, and I practise with my Dinamica portable ballet barres every day!
Bye :)