Monday 26 November 2012

The Royal Ballet experience

Saturday was Royal Opera House night!

One of my lovely new ballet/twitter friends from the Ballet Tweet-Up had a spare ticket, and it was a great one: Royal Ballet performing Swan Lake, last in the season, particularly good cast (so I'm told - I'm not really all-knowledged-up about these things).

I got all dressed up (I love getting dressed up for the theatre!), and headed over to Covent Garden. It was all Christmas-y:

The Royal Opera House was magical!

The orchestra was wonderful, the dancing was wonderful - it was all wonderful!

Favourite part? The swans. So many ballerinas all dancing together - sometimes in complete synchronisation, sometimes all moving in different directions at the same time. It was magical :)

I obviously don't have any pictures of the show, but here's a short Royal Opera House video about the swans performing in the Corps de Ballet:

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Elle said...

The only ballet I have ever been to is The Nutcracker. I would love to see the swans live on stage! How fun.