Wednesday 27 February 2013

Working out at home

I've got to get better at this if I'm going to stay active! Between ballet classes (which are down to one a week at the moment), I really should do a bit more. Unfortunately, I'm a bit useless when it comes to getting off the sofa and getting started.

1) Home barre practise
I use youtube clips of RAD grades to practise my ballet. They are all exercises that I have done in class previously (I was working on Grade 6 when I stopped lessons as a teenager) and it's relaxing to repeat familiar exercises to familiar music.
Time taken = 10-15mins
Equipment needed = a chair or similar height surface to lean on, ipad to play video clip, socks/ballet shoes
Enjoyment factor = 8/10

2) Wii Fit
It's not the greatest workout in the world, but it's kind of fun. My favourite is to strap on ankle weights and do the "step" routine whilst watching TV. Add in hand weights and it burns a few calories.
Time taken = 15-30mins
Equipment needed =Wii and balance board, ankle weights, hand weights
Enjoyment factor = 6/10

3) Wii Zumba/Just Dance
Both very enjoyable dance games. I always have to make sure the curtains are closed because I look particularly ridiculous when trying to follow these dance routines, but it definitely gets my heart going. So much so that with Zumba I keep a bottle of water to hand to swig from between each routine.
Time taken =20-35mins
Equipment needed = just the Wii
Enjoyment factor = 9/10

4) Mini workouts
I use a couple of blonde ponytail's workouts: bikini core workout and ab attack workout. What I love about these is that you don't need any equipment (well, I did buy a £3 yoga mat to make some of the moves more comfortable on my wooden floor) and they aren't too difficult. In the past I've tried other similar workouts and found the moves impossible - you need muscles of steal even to try them! Maybe one day I'll be good enough.
Time taken =10mins
Equipment needed =yoga mat and interval timer (app on my phone)
Enjoyment factor = 7/10

As it turns out, I quite enjoy these different activities. Just need to peel myself off the sofa more to do them.

All motivation tips welcome!


Elle said...

I like to work out at home... good for you!

For more strength stye workouts, check out #fatblasterfriday on Twitter or my Pinterest board of Workouts with that name... they are done by a trainer near Vancouver who uses the name @fitknitchick_1 and are very good.

Meagan said...

You should check out Blogilates. Her workouts are great and all on Youtube, plus her blog is really motivating!

RainStorm said...

Thanks Elle - sounds like #fatblasterfriday could be worth a try :)