Sunday 17 March 2013

Podcast-y goodness

Do you listen to podcasts?

I'm one of those "old before their time" people (or possibly "older than I like to think"!). I have always listened to BBC Radio 4, as instigated by my parents who had the news and Archers on during dinner every night. (The Archers is a farm and countryside based "soap opera"/daily 15 min drama that has been running since time began!)

Having grown up with this style of talk radio, podcasts naturally interest and excite me.

For a start, I can download and keep episodes of great programs, specifically the Friday Night Comedy (The News Quiz or The Now Show) and The Infinite Monkey Cage, a light-hearted science series. The Now Show is a favourite - very funny comedy sketches about the week's news.

Then there's running podcasts. I haven't really run at all for the last six months, but I still regularly listen to Marathon Talk. It is a great mix of chat, useful running information and fantastic interviews. If you are a runner then I definitely recommend that you check it out. I can't stop listening even when I'm not running!

Lastly, I have a new favourite set of podcasts: CoffeeBreak French. Devised and produced by Radio Lingua, these are very well written and have given me a huge amount of confidence and new vocabulary (baring in mind that I am a complete, absolute beginner in French). I usually listen to each episode at least twice, making sure I'm alone (driving or going for a walk by myself) some of the time to practise my atrocious pronunciation! They do lots of other languages too - definitely worth checking it out :)

What are your favourites?


Elle said...

Oh my. I never listen to podcasts.

When in the car, driving on the highway at night by myself I used to listen to scary serials... which was quite silly of me.

I will have to check out some podcasts.

Clare said...

I enjoy More or Less (statistics), Friday Night comedy, Infinite Monkey Cage and Moneybox!