Friday 20 December 2013

Christmas crochet experiment

It all started with a Christmas jumper competition at work. I had no ambitions to win, but felt the need to take part so I bought a fairly innocuous snowman jumper:
Jumper from Next

Then I spotted this superb snowflakes pattern on the lovely Attic 24 website. I quickly got to experimenting with various scraps of wool...

I laid them out and roughly stitched them in place (in the hope that they will be easily removed afterwards!).

Pretty jumper in the course of less than two hours. Am ready to rock it at work!

PS - on the subject of snowflakes, here is the group picture from my ballet adventures the other week. I didn't get it in time to put in the original post:


Elle said...

Now THAT is a Christmas sweater! Happy Holidays to you!

Lovely group shot.

RainStorm said...

Merry Christmas Elle! Am very proud of my jumper - those extra snowflakes are not being removed anytime soon!