Monday 9 December 2013

Small goodbyes

This weekend I had to return my "something borrowed" from our wedding day - the hair clips I wore. (It was pointed out to me that if I didn't give them back then they would become "something stolen", which really wasn't the idea!)

I was a teeny bit sad about this, so took a last photograph of some of my wedding jewellery to make me feel better:

In other slightly sad news, one of my favourite magazines is being discontinued. Zest is a really positive healthy life magazine which is fun and realistic. It's a great mix of helpful advice, inspiring articles, fashion and recipes. I'm very sad to hear that it is closing. I hope that they continue their twitter feed for a while at least...
The last edition :(

Luckily at this time of year there are lots of little things to make me smile too, such as cuddles with my baby nephew on Sunday and these adorable and simple Christmas lights I spotted this evening. Much nicer than those huge displays you get in fancier parts of town :)

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Elle said...

I love simple white twinkly lights the very best!

Lovely jewellery and you were a lucky girl to have had it!

I think it is sad that so many publications are doing poorly these days. I would much rather flip through the actual pages of a magazine or a book, than look at it on a screen of some sort.