Monday 6 January 2014

A mini Parisian adventure.

Having not managed a holiday during 2013 (except our 26 hours in France), Boxing Day saw us packing suitcases and jumping on a plane. It was a teeny thing that only seats 50 people and had propellers! Added excitement for me, especially as we experienced "the best turbulence we've had in ages"! I do enjoy flying :)
It looked super-teeny when we parked up next to a Boeing 777 at Paris!

The plan was three relaxing days in Paris: Christmas fairs, mulled wine and enjoying the sights. And it was lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed wandering the streets, enjoying the architecture and exploring.


There was also sleeping in followed by ridiculously late breakfasts at local cafes or patisseries. We practised our French (mine is particularly dreadful), shopped and ate much too much.

I enjoyed a crêpe beurre sucre as we walked around Notre Dame.

We paused to admire the vast sea of padlocks on the bridge.

The last evening was particularly wonderful - a dinner cruise down the Seine. One very happy girl :)

I was sad to leave, but normal life must resume...


Elle said...

How wonderfully romantic! Love the pics, too.

Are the padlocks from bicycles? Don't understand that bit...

RainStorm said...

Couples buy a padlock and attach it to the bridge to symbolise their love lasting forever (I believe). A lot of them write their names/initials on. At least one couple we saw seemed to be revisiting their padlock.