Sunday 12 January 2014

Making a good start

Things to do at the beginning of 2014...

Book skiing lessons - the prospect of a skiing holiday has become almost irresistible so my plan is to get some lessons at one of the "real snow" slopes before booking anything.
The only time I've ever skiied. Definitely need some practise before hitting some real slopes!

Make more plans with friends - with most living quite a distance away and many now having one or two young children, these things need to be planned well in advance to make sure that they happen.

Regular exercise - sticking to a routine is not my area of expertise! Sporadic exercise is not really doing it for me though - all it took was a busy Christmas and a week suffering with a cold and all my fitness has disappeared into thin air! Right now walking up a couple of flights of stairs is tiring :( Consistency is surely the key. That way I will have the stamina and strength needed for random fun activities (like skiing, paddle boarding or roller skating).

Catch up on my blogging - no explanation needed here. I've been much too lazy about posting. Must do better!

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Elle said...

I think skiing is the only thing I miss about living in a climate where there is no REAL Winter - enjoy!