Monday 17 February 2014

I made something!

I've had several days that involved a lot of sitting around and waiting. My solution: crochet! I got completely carried away and ended up with a buff and matching mitten/wrist-warmer-things. All my own design too :)

It's the first project in ages that I've actually finished. Partly due to having lots of spare time and partly because it was so quick and easy.

Now I've started with a shrug for ballet classes, based on this simple design on Crochet Spot.

Have you made anything recently?


Unknown said...

you should launch an etsy shop for those of us who arent crafty.

Elle said...

Hey, so cute. And I checked out the shrug too. I love shrugs. I never thought to make myself one, though. Can't wait to see yours.

RainStorm said...

You're so kind! They aren't that neat up close :) and I get bored very easily!

RainStorm said...

I love shrugs too. Don't wear one often enough :) and they're good as warm-up wear for ballet and pilates