Saturday 31 May 2014

Cabinet of dreams

It took me ages to properly realise the potential of our latest Ikea purchase. But finally I sorted it out so here you go...


My make up and hair station :)

It's a great height for me (between elbow and shoulder), in-built mirror, compartment for my make-up... everything.

This is the inside:

It's been a good incentive to get rid of old, crumbly, rubbishy make-up that's been around too much. I don't wear make-up very often and as a result it often ends up sitting in the bottom of a bag for far too long.

The latest (and most genius) addition is the extension lead. For the first time in ages I have a mirror within easy placement of a socket for my hairdrier. It's luxury.

And below, the drawers are also being put to good use:

Hairdrier, brushes, conditioning and heat protection spray, heated curlers, gas curler, hair straighteners, the lot!

Most are only used once in a blue moon - I'm not half as organised or stylish as these pictures would suggest. Now, if only I could manage to organise the rest of the place just as well...

1 comment:

Elle said...

Hey, baby steps, right? Looks wonderful. I love having a special place just for my girlie stuff!