Saturday 24 May 2014

Small goals

I have a few days off work this week. I'm determined to do very little and relax as much as possible. With this in mind, here's my do to list for the week:
  • Turn the alarm off (already done in anticipation!)
  • Buy a magazine and sit in a coffee shop reading it cover to cover
  • Go skiing at least once (got to keep the practise up)
  • Eat brunch
  • Read lots of books (well at least the latest download on my kindle, maybe more)
  • Start planning this summer's adventure/holiday (got some research to do)
  • Wear a bit of make up everyday (if I'm not dragging myself to work then I should have time for this)
  • Whilst eating out (which is likely to happen quite a bit), make some healthy menu choices 
  • Paint my nails (already done - first time in about six weeks!)

What's your favourite relax and rewind activity?


Elle said...

hope you are enjoying your down time. the nails are so pretty! I am a bit afraid of dark colors as I don't do as nice a job as you!

RainStorm said...

Thanks Elle, it went all too quickly! (Doesn't it always?!) But it was relaxing.

I ended up repainting my nails twice because I kept chipping them so badly!