Monday 24 November 2014

Happy and healthy

I loved this little article on Cosmo Body yesterday: Three things that healthy people do every day.

The three things were [Spoiler Alert]: laugh, hang out with friends and treat yourself. All things that I've been enjoying recently.

I read recently that people who laugh more sleep better, so I've genuinely been seeking out comedy programs on iplayer and podcasts to listen to in the evenings. Can't say if it's working but it definitely helps me switch my brain off from other stresses.

Hang out with friends
I so need to do this more. This weekend we had friends visit and it was sooooooooo nice. I love chatting and hearing about other people's lives. Note to self: make more plans with friends!

In looking for photos to go with this post, I struggled to find many recent pics of me relaxing with mates. Note to self: really, really make more plans with friends!

Treat yourself
I might be a bit too good at this one. At the moment I'm trying to remember to balance out treating with moderation. Last week I went to the whole foods supermarket which was wonderful fun (and I did buy some healthy fruit and veg!), and this weekend has been very indulgent. Will have to have a very sensible week of eating healthily and budgeting more carefully!

Which one are you good at?

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