Sunday 29 March 2015

Staying active

I've had a fitbit for over six months now (well, actually I've had two after the first one went awol), and I am pretty much obsessed. I hate it when I accidentally leave it at home and check it several times a day.

The only times I don't wear it are sleeping (it does have a wrist attachment but I don't find it very useful), when wet (bath/shower/swimming) and during ballet classes (because there's nowhere on my ballet gear to put it!).

I love all the graphs.

I love reaching my daily goals, which are currently set at:
11,000 steps
16 flights of stairs (newly increased from 14)
30 "active minutes"

But most importantly, it has helped me become more active and healthier than I was last summer. During the day at work I am more likely to be I my feet; I choose to walk down the corridor or up and down stairs to run errands more often; and I plan my day to include small chunks of walking where possible. I really love it!


Elle said...

Awesome! I love my FitBit One too and I never thought I would ever like one of these devices. Definitely motivates me to move more!

RainStorm said...

They are brilliant, aren't they?