Monday 16 January 2012

The perfect insole?

In an attempt to solve my knee pain, I've taken several steps:
  • quad strengthening exercises (squats, leg raises, etc)
  • ankle weights (for exercises, Wii Fit and generally wearing round the house)
  • shortening my longer runs (back down to 3-4 miles)
  • including more swimming (which I really enjoy anyway)
And so far, for the time being at least, I've eliminated the problem :)

On Saturday, continuing my quest to make sure the knee pain stays away, I wandered into SweatShop to get me some supportive insoles.

What I didn't realise was that they were going to fit the insoles to my feet. This was an interesting experience which involved heated insoles being pressed into my instep whilst I balanced on my toes and heels:

(The shop assistant is hiding behind the contraption, pressing the insole into my other foot. It's a classy look.)

So now I have uniquely molded insoles which fit neatly into my trainers and hold my instep in place when I get tired. Apart from wandering round the house to break them in, I've only tried them out on one run and, once I got over the odd feeling, they seemed pretty comfortable.


Rachelle Q said...

That's cool! I need to get some of those. The foot doc wants to charge $450 for inserts. No way am I spending that! Hope they help:)

Mad Scientist said...

I look forward to testing them out on our run tomorrow, well technically later today :-)

Elle said...

That is interesting. I will be looking forward to hearing how you did with them.

Cathy said...

Cool and interesting!