Thursday 16 February 2012

A furniture adventure

I promise this is the last moving house post for a while! I've wallowed in the excitement (and boxes) for long enough now. But before I move on to new things (and have enough time to get on with some new hobbies), I have to share my weekend of IKEA...

I started with two trolleys - this picture was post-trolley-consolidation!

In all fairness, I only bought items that were on my "what I need for my new place" list, and they were all great quality and pretty cheap. (There I go, justifying my purchases again - I'll probably be doing that for a few more days!)

Once we got home, the chaos began. I was planning to do some of the furniture building myself, but some friends came round for tea and the construction started without me!

Before I knew it, the TV unit was finished and in place. I sat back glad of good friends and very pleased I hadn't had to do it myself (it would have taken me hours and hours to do!).

We concluded a busy day with a trip to the local curry house. Lovely.

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Elle said...

Hurray for good friends, great finds, and good curry, too.

I like your moving house posts... who is complaining?