Tuesday 12 June 2012

A catch up on the activeness

In the last few weeks I've hardly posted anything about sport/fitness/etc, so I thought I might be due a catch up post :)

Ballet - still my sport of choice at the moment! I am loving my dance, so much so that I even tried going to class with a dreadful headache one week (and no, that didn't go very well!). My brand new leotard will had its first outing this week too! At the moment I'm trying to find a class for the summer because my teacher only runs classes in term time and I don't want to have a six week dancing break!

Running - hmmmm. Well, I have been running a bit - about once a week. But I really should try and fit in a bit more. I'm finding it much more tiring than previously, which I'm guessing is a combination of not training so often and of trying to mid-heel strike. My running coach (who I must make another appointment with) did say that I'd be exercising lots of different muscles so I shouldn't be surprised. I can't quite face my second coaching session until I've done a bit more practise! 

Karate - this isn't really happening at all. I do enjoy it, but by Thu evening I'm either shattered or swamped by work. Unfortunately it's been kind of usurped by my ballet classes.

Swimming - once a fortnight I meet up with my friend Helen for a leisurely swim and chat. It's not exactly a tough workout but it counts right?!

Roller skating - I am so glad we got back out on our skates a few weeks ago! And I'll definitely be out on them again soon :)

Surfing - looks like this year's girlie surfing trip isn't going to happen :( But hopefully wherever I go on holiday this summer I'll manage to fit in a lesson or two. I might even troll on over to the west coast by myself for a day or two. Got to work on my skills!

And on top of all that, I've been trying out a few mini workouts at home. Nothing too serious, just a few exercises from Jess @ Blonde Ponytail. They're kind of fun and very short (which suits me well).

What's your current favourite way to keep active? Do you change your mind as often as I do?!

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Elle said...

I like to do it ALL too! Good to keep busy and try new things - I have been doing some barre work myself lately!