Wednesday 27 June 2012

From one extreme to the other

I don't do those "weekly exercise round-ups". That's mostly because, compared to most of the blogs that I read, I'm actually pretty inactive most of the time - maybe two proper workouts in the average week? Not enough to blog about.

This week, however, I finally had a bit more time on my hands. So what did I do?! Overdo it :) Doh

Sun: swim 40 lengths (1km)
Mon: run 1.5 miles, walk 3.5 miles
Tue: full on ballet class
Tue night: tweet about how tired I am and how my ballet wasn't up to scratch because of my tiredness
Wed: no planned workout but end up having to carry things up and down the stairs at work a lot
Wed evening: a bath and an early night!

I was so determined not to do any proper exercise today that I even donned inappropriate-for-running-on footwear:


Elle said...

Love the cute flip flops.. is that what you call them too?

RainStorm said...

Yeah, flipflops :) I think it's the Aussies that call them thongs...