Tuesday 21 August 2012

Road Trippin'

As you've probably gathered, I went off exploring for a couple of weeks. It was soooooo much fun and I'm a little disappointed to be home (the holiday blues is normal - right?).

The plans for the trip were pretty sparse: the only things that were booked were the ferry crossings and a hotel in one of the cities we were visiting. Everything else was planned and organised as we went (including a bonus trip to an extra country!).

It looks something like this:

With our major stop points being:
Biarritz/Hendaye (beach, a particular favourite restaurant, surfing and dinner with friends who live in the area)
Madrid (for the pandas at Madrid Zoo, and also the non-camping portion of the holiday)
Barcelona area (city exploration, beach, hopefully meeting with friends - unfortunately we didn't manage this meet-up)

On the way home, we also spent a night in Andorra (why visit two countries when you could visit three?!), met with friends who have recently moved to France (somewhere in the region south east of Bordeaux) and managed an afternoon in Paris.

Beautiful and exhausting :)

PS: I promise some better quality photos to follow - these are mostly quick clicks from my phone!


Rachelle Q said...

What a great vacation:) Looks like a fun adventure!

RainStorm said...

Thanks :) it really was an adventure!