Saturday 11 August 2012

Things I've learnt this week.

If you decide to drive 700 miles in one day, don't do it on the first Saturday in August - you will be stuck in hot traffic jams and almost double your journey time.

Seawater and sunshine is much cheaper than having my highlights done at the hairdresser.

My sun cream strategy (put it on before going out) works better that's A's strategy (put some on when you notice that you're a bit pink)!

Torrential rain in a usually hot and sunny location means the waiters end up having to run between the main restaurant and the plastic-protected outdoor seating area continuously. They will normally do this with good grace even though they are gradually getting more soggy and wind-swept.

Campsites with great showers do exist.

Tea always tastes nicer outside (not a new one, but something I've been reminded of).

Simple meals are the best.

Some friends are so fantastic that you can go without seeing them for several years and it'll feel like yesterday :)


Rachelle Q said...

Sounds like you are having a great week!

Elle said...

Ditto what hiker mom said.

I love that photo...