Wednesday 29 August 2012

What I love about Biarritz and Hendaye

Isn't that amazing?! It was 2pm and we were sat on Hendaye beach, enjoying the sun and waiting for our friend J to arrive.

Why were we waiting for J? Well, apart from the fact that he lives in the area and we were looking foward to catching up after 4 years, he was bringing his surf board!

Not me :) J showing how it's really done.

Because of it's position on the West coast of France, Hendaye usually has really good waves for surfing. It was the first place I ever tried surfing. I have face-planted into these waves many times!

J's board is a beautiful 9' long board - so much more stable than the foam boards I used in Devon and Tenerife. Unfortunately this type of board is very expensive so I won't be getting one any time soon, but it's definitely on my wish list!

It was so good that every time I caught a wave, I at least got my feet on the board; in the hour or so that I was in the water, I even managed to properly surf one wave :) That might not sound like much, but it's much better than my progress in Tenerife last summer! I mostly put the improvement down to the board, but also to J's tuition - it's so handy to have someone watching you and giving new tips each time you fall off.

But it's not just the surfing and beaches that make this area great. It's also the food (for example, my amazing seafood and jacket potato from La Dauphine in St Jean de Luz), the company (I love having friends to visit in different parts of the world!), the fact that Spain is a 10 minute boat ride away and the sunsets...


Elle said...

Too lucky, YOU! Nice that you got to try that long board and got a nice ride. Beatiful beach.

RainStorm said...

It was fab! I really need to go surfing more often...