Monday 3 September 2012

Tonight's dinner

What makes my macaroni cheese healthy (compared with shop-bought/restaurant versions):

  -  It's completely homemade, so I know every ingredient and there isn't any odd additives/flavourings/preservatives.

  -  I control the quantities of cheese and butter (and try to put a smaller amount in).

  -  I can measure the portion size accurately.

  -  I can serve it with plenty of salad.

What makes my macaroni cheese unhealthy:

  -  It's still macaroni cheese...


Elle said...

For some reason I have never been a fan of mac and cheese. But my husband could live on it!

Yours is pretty healthy and wholesome looking I must admit!

Cathy said...

My macaroni cheese is never healthy, though I do weigh the butter but perhaps I should start doing that with the cheese too and having it with salad like you.