Thursday 18 October 2012


I'm rather pleased with a completely unexpected benefit of my new found love of ballet classes - rediscovering clothing that had been condemned to the very back of the wardrobe.

Does everyone have this collection? The items that you bought but then decided you didn't like; or used to wear lots until your got completely fed up of; or maybe that don't fit quite right. I seem to have quite a few.

The good news is, dance is giving them a new lease of life! Especially tops - I can wear them to warm up in, and sometimes even over my leotard as "dancer fashion". This vastly expands my small ballet wardrobe, almost letting me feel like a "real" dancer.

Exhibit A:

I bought this about a year ago as a work top, but only wore it a couple of times as it wasn't quite long enough and had a habit of riding up. That's not a problem when worn over a leotard or vest top.

Exhibit B:

This was a quick and cheap supermarket purchase (I liked the design on the front), which turned out to be cut completely wrongly for my body (seriously - it makes me look squarer than a square thing!). But who cares when it's worn as a warm-up top?!

Exhibit C:

My thermal top usually has one specific use - keeping toasty during long firework show rigs. Now, it has a second purpose on cold evenings in cold halls and studios!

Exhibit D:

I have started wearing leggings occassionally, but to be honest, they aren't really my style. However, they make a great alternative to my pale pink ballet tights (worn over the leotard).

Bonus Exhibit:
Whilst digging out the above items for pictures, I found this poor, lonely and long-forgotten pair of shorts:

I'm pretty sure they were bought for a fancy dress outfit, although I don't think they were ever worn. And yes, they are a bit bright, but I think they could still be worn in a dance class...

What's lurking in your wardrobe?


Cathy said...

I've got old pairs of jeans with rips from being over worn, I keep these for decorating or walking dogs. I've got hoodies that are too big and jodphurs, which I hope to be able to someday wear again.

RainStorm said...

Wow! You're good at this! I've done the ripped jeans -> painting jeans transfer before too :)

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I am not very good at that, I tend to just toss things if I hate them, although yesterday I did wear a shirt I had never worn and it had been in my closet for four years!

Caitlin said...

i'm a clothes hanger-oner and will try to recycle or refashion things that are total misses normally. YAY for being able to bring this shirt back to light with ur dancing. i wish i could be a dancer, alas alas, i can barely manage running in a straight line! :)

Elle said...

Nope, never been a clothes hoarder. If I don't wear it, I ditch or donate it. My husband on the other hand.... !