Thursday 9 January 2014

A Christmas pie

Ok, I know this is super-late, but I really wanted to share this Christmas tradition and it's taken me a while to get the post written :) Enjoy

Christmas eve means fish and seafood in my house. My mum usually makes a rice creation featuring prawns, mussels and squid. I like to make fish pie...

Start with hardboiled eggs.

Add a selection of fish, which have been gently poached in milk, and some king prawns. This time I went for salmon and cod; sometimes I use a bit of smoked haddock too.

Cover in a white sauce (made from the poaching liquid).

And then smother in mashed potato and some grated cheddar. I try to be moderate with my cheese usage... I usually get carried away...

Baking time! Note the baking tray underneath to catch any minor eruptions around the edge :)

Oh, it was totally yummy. Not the prettiest of meals, but well worth the effort. This version was one of my best and a good contrast with the massive traditional turkey roast that we enjoyed the next day!

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Elle said...

I have never had ANYTHING like this and it looks so darned good. I think all the different flavors would be wonderful!

We had seafood both Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.... lobster, prawns and smoked salmon sushi. Love seafood.