Monday 2 June 2014

June weekly round up #1

Hmmm... Bit of a mixed bag this week. I honestly thought that the first week would be easy, but never mind. Work pressures got in the way (missed ballet class due to being at work) and a couple of nice unplanned evenings.

On the bright side, I did play with a new gym machine that I hadn't noticed before: a spinning machine with video tutorials. I'm not a cycle-y type normally but this was quite fun - lots of changing pace, not too difficult (I picked level one for the first session) and kept me occupied by concentrating on my "cadence" (speed of legs turning). I'm not sure I believe the calorie burn - it didn't seem as hard work as the rowing machine but it reckoned I'd burned 50+ calories more.

Also, I did do better on meal planning this week which mostly kept me eating sensible food and portion sizes. A work in progress.

All in all I'd say there's room for improvement!

The numbers:

Monday: 3.2 mile walk (in a surprising quick 43mins)
Tuesday: walk to and from work (1 mile each way, trying to keep below 17min) + bikini core workout 
Wednesday: walk to work only (surprise dinner date!)
Thursday: walk to work + 27min level one spin session
Friday: walk to work + bikini core work out (unplanned night out)

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