Tuesday 10 June 2014

June weekly round up #2

Alternative title: All stress and no working out

This week really didn't go to plan at all, like some don't. Work took over everything for 4 days and I barely managed to sleep, let alone work out!

I'm stumbling into the weekend exhausted and drained, but have promised myself a full day off anything work-related today :) Might even get a chance to enjoy the sun!

Here are the (fairly rubbish) numbers:

Monday: walk to and from work, 25 min spin interval workout (level 2) + bikini core workout 
Tuesday: walk to work only
Wednesday: walk home from work, 2000m on the rowing machine (11.5mins) - so glad I did this because the exercise helped me get some sleep!
Thursday - walk to work
Friday - walk to work

Apologies for the lack of pictures. I simply haven't taken any this week.

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