Wednesday 25 June 2014

Mid-week lull and learning good habits

Finally! A week where I'm not chasing my tail or working every waking hour. Loving it.

Of course, you might expect that I've had a better week on the workout front, given that work stress has relaxed. But you'd be wrong. I really am a lazy creature and totally enjoyed doing nothing for a couple of days.

It has taken until Wednesday for me to get out to the gym, and the only way I did it was to get in from work, change immediately and go straight back out the door; if I manage to sit on the sofa or glance at the fridge then that is it for the evening!

It's safe to say that self-control is not my natural talent. It's almost like I have to trick or convince myself to get out the door and workout.

My very first before/after workout selfies :)

I don't really believe the spinning machine when it says I've burnt off almost 500 calories. It might be because (although I tried my best) I wasn't always standing on the pedals when it told me to:

One thing that has been working better for me, especially during the week, is eating relatively sensibly. Yesterday I treated myself to a virgin bloody mary and a salad, before my (light and healthy) dinner.

Right, just need to keep it up...

1 comment:

Elle said...

Love your post workout glow!

Funny, I have been enjoying virgin Bloody Mary's myself this week... so good when very cold!