Monday 2 February 2015

Ballet update

A couple of months ago I re-committed to my ballet classes, and I'm so glad that I did.

When I go to class I have an hour and a half of brain switch-off. Sometimes I even dream about work, so this time is invaluable in enabling me to relax and focus on something else.

When I go to class I become much more aware of how I hold my body and my posture improves.

When I go to class I smile and laugh. My instructor is hilarious, providing us with plenty of giggles between exercises, as well as thoughtful corrections.

When I go to class regularly then I'm much more able to work on my corrections. This way my dancing starts to improve.

And now that I'm attending class more regularly, people are being friendlier. I guess it makes sense to wait and see if a newbie keeps returning before you invest in conversation. Classes are starting to feel much more welcoming.

So, goals for the coming months?

Firstly, just to keep going to class at least once a week!

Also, to wear a leotard that I bought 18 months ago and haven't been brave enough to actually wear! It relies on my posture being amazingly good... (If you're interested, it's this one.)

Lastly, to smile during exercises - this was suggested by fellow ballet enthusiast DaveTriesBallet. It should add to the performance factor of each exercise and hopefully trick my brain into thinking it likes the more challenging moves. Simple and sweet.

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