Wednesday 23 November 2011

A hundred posts and counting

In 14 months I've written 100 posts. That's a lot. Or at least it seems a lot to someone who previously hadn't considered writing any type of blog or even a personal diary.

And to celebrate, here are a few of my favourite blog posts:

Erm... marathon talk - my honest (if slightly depressing) account of running the Amsterdam Marathon. One of the first challenges that I have ever set myself and, if nothing else, I proved to myself that I do have some grit and determination.

Big bangs and bright lights - how I got into working on firework displays. A bit of an insight into part of my life.

Fishing in the Atlantic Ocean - an adventure different to anything I've done before. Not the most strenuous activity (barring in mind that I got to sunbathe on the boat), but pretty cool.

Damp feet and ice cream - sailing with great friends. Just lovely.

Got a kit box of my very own - it strikes me as a little silly to have written a whole post about buying a tool box for firework shows. But I have, and I'm rather attached to it (the box and the post!).

For me, a good blog post is one that's honest, light-hearted and includes a couple of photos.

Which post is your favourite? And what do you think makes a good blog post?


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

happy 100! i think a good blog post is one that is entertaining and makes me laugh. Although sometimes the personal stories are great ones too. Keep on blogging!

Elle said...

Congratulations on your 100th post.

I am so glad that you picked a few of your favorite posts to highlight.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the stories that I hadn' already seen... the one about how you got involved with the fireworks and your marathon experience especially.

It is so much fun getting to know you better.... and fun that you are a sailor too!

Thanks for sharing these special moments!

RainStorm said...

@Elle - you're so sweet. I'm glad you enjoyed the posts (especially the 'marathon' one!) :)