Wednesday 14 March 2012

the depressing truth

I'm entered for a half-marathon which happens in a few weeks time.

I entered last year but didn't run due to a multitude of health and stress issues.

This year I am not dropping out.

Training started back in October with 2 and 3 mile runs and built-up to 6 miles in December.

Then I started getting knee pains and dropped back to 3-4 miles whilst using other exercises to strengthen my thigh muscles and supporting my knee better.

I also started swimming more regularly.

Then, in the cold of January, I started wheezing and ended up at the doctor's to get an inhaler for my (very mild) asthma.

By February I was ready to put in more time, aiming for 3 runs a week. I got flu - I didn't run a step for two weeks and it probably took 3-4 weeks to clear my system completely.

So here I am, less than a month away and totally demoralised. My longest run was 6 miles long and two months ago. I know I am fitter than I was, but I also know that I am not ready. I can't face pulling out this time - I really need to do this. It may end up being a run/walk. It will definitely take me longer than I was hoping for. But somehow (possibly crawling) I'll get to the finish line.

Right now, it's taking all my willpower to get out the door. Yesterday's run was pretty disasterous as I even let myself take two walk breaks.

Please don't tell me I haven't done enough training; I know that only too well. But please do share any suggestions of the best things to do over the next few weeks to make sure I'm in the best possible position...


Nome said...

Walk. :)

All you can do is your best - no shame in that, and don't harm yourself by trying to force more.

Plenty more marathons in the... umm... never mind.

And hey, take huge amounts of vitamin D. Look it up. Seriously underrated - for immunity, energy, mood and more - and severely lacking in our diets.

Rachelle Q said...

Don't stress about it. Try to enjoy the experience and just do your best. I think run walking is a great idea!

Elle said...

I think Run/Walk is a great way to go and there is absolutely no shame in that.

Can you do it by time - for example, run 5 minutes, walk 1 minute?

Or by distance, run 2 miles, walk 1/4 or 1/2

If you could get your distance covered in training up to 8 or 9 this way before your event you may feel more motivated and confident.

And if not, just go out and do your best. Walk the whole darn way if you need!

RainStorm said...

Thanks guys - I was really nervous about posting about this. I think planning a run/walk timing is a good plan, that way I can feel like I'm still "on plan".
@Nome - will look into the vitamin D thing - thanks :)

Cathy said...

Do your best, you'll do well, especially with the adrenaline on the day.