Saturday 31 March 2012

Positive thinking

I searched back through old episodes of Marathon Talk (my favourite podcast) to find advice for race week (which is here in episode 13) and found a hidden little nugget of advice: in that last few days make a list of 10 positive things that you did during your race build up, the idea being that you don't spend your time worrying about what you haven't done/what went badly.

Now, as we all know, my "event" build up hasn't been entirely great, so I thought a list of just five would help remind me of the good things that I did manage to do. It accidentally turned into a list of eight...

1) Started running early - I was going out for 2 and 3 mile runs back in October.

2) Found a partner-in-crime - having a regular running evening with a friend made me more likely to go running and to increase the distance gradually. And it was more fun.

3) Discovering that I can keep running whilst in some (moderate) pain. Especially when I started getting sore knees.

4) I went back to parkrun and accidentally PB'ed.

5) I ran in the rain!

6) I discovered how much easier it is to run in daylight and sunshine (which sounds obvious but wasn't).

7) I got out of bed at 6am on a Saturday to fit a run into a busy weekend.

8) I ran 9 miles! All by myself too :)

I am ready

We had a bit of a running photoshoot this evening. More to come...


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I shall have to check out marathon talk. I like that idea of finding ten positive things. Great job with all the positive things you did. Running in the day is a huge one!

Elle said...

I think this is such a great idea. Thanks so much for telling us about it and how/why it works. You seem so confident and that is wonderful... good for you!

RainStorm said...

I'm really not confident! Feeling horribly sick now :)

Cathy said...

Good idea. I learnt lesson number 6 from you ;)

RainStorm said...

It's a really good mix of chat, informations about the running world (especially elite marathoners and ultra runners), advice for training and races and interviews. I love getting my weekly 'fix' and often relisten to old episodes too :)