Sunday 10 June 2012

Dressing up and acting lady-like

Finally, my posh day out with the girls arrived! All that time trying on dresses (and shoes and hats) on several shopping trips culminated in an afternoon and evening at Royal Windsor Races.

It was Ladies Night at the races, which means we really went for it in the dressing up stakes. And despite it not being quite Ascot's Ladies Day (which is legendary for pretty dresses and amazing hats), we all scrubbed up pretty well.

I'm the one in the middle, wearing white.

Mostly, I tottered around on my heels: chatting, watching the pretty horses being paraded and enjoying a couple of glasses of Pimms...


It was pretty fabulous. Now back to real life!

Thank you to my sister for some of the pictures - I was too busy trying to walk in my high heels to take many photos!


Elle said...

So fun and lovely weather too. How fun to get out with your girls.

RainStorm said...

It was good weather (especially considering how horrible it was the day before). It was quite windy though so I spent a lot of time with one hand clutching the hat! Am not used to hats!