Wednesday 25 July 2012

A bag or two

I have to learn to pack lighter!

Recently I went away for a few days. I thought I'd done well with my packing: only one handbag, make-up bag rather than the whole box, only one pair of jeans, etc. But when I trundled off via several trains, reality hit - I had brought way too much stuff. I barely managed to struggle to my destination!

The problem is, I try to plan for every eventuality: a couple of posh tops and high heels in case we go somewhere really nice, running gear (you never know!), shorts/skirts/trousers/dresses for whatever mood I'm in, kindle/iPad/other electrical devices to fill time and relax. I just don't know what to cut out!

I think it stems from sailing trips - in the past I've been known to end up in the sea/lake/Norfolk Broads several times over a weekend and know that if I hadn't packed 20million clothing alternatives, I'd have ended up very very cold and wet (and probably driving home in damp clothes - not a pleasant prospect!). I also pack an entire hold-all for firework shows as I need multiple layers, including thermals and waterproofs to survive the rig!

All these experiences have ensured that I am incapable of packing light. I always want to bring everything! I'm sure if I missed a few items off the list, it wouldn't be the end of the world, but I struggle so much to decide which things to leave behind. In fact, during the packing process I always throw in a few extras "just in case"...

What's your best packing tip? And what can I leave behind next time?!?!


Elle said...

The Captain is a good packer. He rolls things up and they are so much smaller that way.

A girl has got to have her stuff so I have no advice for you!

Sarah said...

I do exactly the same thing. I finally gave up bringing gym clothes everywhere since I never ever go to the gym on trips... haha. That's my tip!